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  1. I have a 2012 Rotax 912 ULS for sale with original logbook, no damage history and 8.2 hours since new.  I originally bought this for my Kitfox 7, but have decided to go with a new engine with warranty, ring mount included etc.  Asking price is $14,900 and is negotiable.  Engine was last run in summer of 2018.  Ad is also on Barnstormers.
  2. I have a Kitfox 1 Model B project that basically complete. 
    I have had all of the frame powder coated. Replaced all of the hardware. I started on the wings. One has a little hanger damage but all of the parts are there. 
    Comes with all parts for the wing repair, aircraft plywood to make the false ribs and trailing edge. New tires. New brake pads. Brs 1050 chute(needs repacked). Has a Rotax 532 with about 400 hours on it. I was planning to have it gone through and run it out for 200 more. There are 2 props, one good and one not. I have all of the windshield material to put new glass on. I have some covering but you will need to purchase more covering and the paint materials. All of the parts are there for the plane. 
    I have a trailer that goes with it.  
    I would like to $5500 but am open to offers. 

  3. Every year in the month of June Blue Ridge Community College hosts training for Rotax Service/Maintenance. Please see below for information.
    Blue Ridge Community College (Weyers Cave, VA) will be offering courses in Rotax Service and Maintenance for 9-Series this summer. The Service Class will be held 5-6 June 2018and the Maintenance Class will be held 7-8 June 2018. The classes are taught by Dean Vogel from Lockwood Aviation.
    Please call 540-453-2372 or 540-453-2215 to register for Rotax Service/Maintenance classes or use the links to sign up online:
    - Rotax Service Training (
    - Rotax Maintenance Training (
    Note: the Service Training class is a prerequisite to take the Maintenance Training class.
    We have a maximum of 16 seats in the Service class and 12 seats in the Maintenance class. NOTE: We need a minimum of 6 people signed up for each class no later than 04 May 2018 in order to hold the classes.
    Classes are taught at the Weyers Cave campus and labs are held at our hangar located at the Shenandoah Regional Airport (SHD). 
    For further information or questions please feel free to contact me.
    Keith Dennis
    Instructional Assistant – AMT Program
    Blue Ridge Community College
    43 Aviation Circle, Suite 101
    Hangar 4 East
    Weyers Cave, VA 24486
    Office (540) 453-2508
  4. On my way home from the Kitfox Fly-in I started to accumulate a fine mist of oil on my windshield and cowling.  It became apparent it was gear oil and I assumed it was a bad front propeller shaft seal on the C-Gearbox.  I decreased my leg lengths, cleaned up at each stop and added gear oil as necessary.  Made it home to Chicago and pulled the front half of the gearbox to replace the seal.  I realized I didn't have the proper gear puller, wrench and jig to do it myself so I took it into Leading Edge Airfoils for them to do it.  I was surprised this past Monday when they informed me the housing was cracked almost in half.  To their credit, L.E.A.F. didn't charge me even though they disassembled and degreased all the parts.
    Anybody else experience this type of failure?
  5. I need to replace the front gearbox casting from an early 90's Greyhead C-Gearbox.  Anybody have one, or a gearbox available?

    Yamaha APEX (EFI) engines, adapters, and complete FWF kits are now available, any type PSRU you want. 
    GT4 RAM and GT5 CAM clutches are now available, fits all Rotax C box installations, Air Trikes SPG4, and other PSRU types.  This is a direct swap-out replacement for the troublesome, high-maintenance RK400, Air Trikes BMW, and other centrifugal clutches sold for experimental aircraft conversion engines. 
    Both the GT4 and GT5 are self-aligning, pre-lubricated, double-sealed, and self-supported/self-aligning by means of precision deep-groove ball bearings.  No more shoes wearing out in 12-120 hrs.  No more filthy shoe dust all over the PSRU.  No more broken springs.  No more drum attachment screws coming loose and falling out.  No more impossible alignment headaches.  No more tinny, irritating, “minibike clutch” rattle on idle.  GT4 comes with a LIFETIME guarantee, GT5 comes with a 1000 hr TBO, and a 500hr/5yr guarantee.   Both clutches are rated at 6 times the torque of the YG4 engines for 1 million start-up cycles. 
    The Yamaha Apex fuel injected engine replaced the RX1 carb engines for model year 2006 when they discontinued the RX1.  As availability of good, low-mileage RX1 engines (2003-2005) wanes, Apex engines have only become more available (2006-present).  The 140 HP RX1 was an awesome engine, but refinements that came with the Apex line  made the original YG4 even more desirable.
    EFI improves ease of starting, instantaneous air density adjustment (altitude, heat, humidity) and allows precise metering of fuel delivery which allowed Yamaha to go more aggressive with ignition timing curves and cam profiles; which resulted in a 10 HP increase across the entire power band of the original RX1.  The Yamaha engineers didn’t stop there.  They reduced weight from 125# to 118# with the absence of carbs, a slightly lighter crank, and some reduction of case material.      
    Mohawk Aero Corp has been successfully fabricating adapters and installing Yamaha 4-cylinder engines on aircraft since 2012.  With an eye on the future for power enhancements such as turbo and superchargers we designed and fabricate a universal adapter suitable for use with just about any PSRU available or imaginable which could easily handle such tremendous HP.  We successfully engineered, fabricated, installed and tested our own Hy-Vo Silent Chain PSRU which bolts directly up to the crankcase with no other intermediate adapter whatsoever.  This unit reduces vibration significantly, includes a prop strike protection friction plate clutch, reduces installed weight, and reduces overall length by 2-1/2” over Rotax C and 3-1/2" over Air Trikes SPG4 gearboxes. 
    Please contact us at:
    Visit our website at: Mohawk Aero Corps
    Visit our YAMAHA AIRCRAFT ENGINES Facebook discussion group at:
  7. Here is the installation of my Big Bore Zipper kit.
    I am starting with a 200 hour Rotax 912 UL, 80 hp engine.  It is about a 1997 vintage engine.  The engine has not run since 2009 when I bought the airplane.  It was in good running order then.  
    I hope to document the installation of the kit as well as the condition of the engine.
    Here is the engine fully assembled to start with the mount still attached.

    Here is the beginning of the teardown starting with the engine mount and rocker covers (for painting).

    I have scanned in the instructions given with the kit and have posted them here.
    I will attempt to document as much as possible.  Please try and keep this thread on topic for future reference...
  8. Skip the first 4 min, just talking about himself, rest is very important to know if you are running a Rotax 2stroke engine.

    HangarTalk1-Ed Wilson of L.E.A.F.:

  9. Brand new unused carb for sale. Was going to use for BMW conversion on my Avid but wound up going with a Jabiru 2200 and sold the BMW. Going through my airplane stuff and found this. Bing Model 64, ID# on the web is 64/32/395. Will work good for Jabiru or 912. 
    New price $1,080.  Asking $700 obo.
    250-498-6553 Charlie or

  10. One of the few parts I'm missing to complete my Mdl C FWF project is a thermostat for the Gray Head. I'm reeling from the price tag of $130 + shipping that Lockwood and CPS charges. Is there an alternative? I cannot imagine that these thermostats cost this much unless because I'm looking at "aircraft" parts instead of for a sled.