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  1. Post on Subaru EA81 in 4-strokes

    By bcbushcaddy, posted
    Hello all, 
    Not sure if I am posting this twice - just lost my sat momentarily and killed the previous post. In either case here it is again. Couple of pics below of our Subaru EA81 engine and re-drive set up. Only started flying it so too early for me to answer to many specific questions but this is what was done to the engine to modify it. Stratus profiled Cam (no longer available as far as I know, but use local engine shop), higher compression, flowed heads (flow charts to follow), stock ignition, 38 amp after-market alternator, VW Jetta radiator with stock pump and pulley regulated by 16psi cap with 190F thermostat; 
    cooling works well, PCV return (right side of re-drive) line will be changed up slightly, air filter - may go bigger, wondering if it leans me a bit too much at high power settings?, electrics - simple is good and same for ignition, points are cheap..., TBI-40 works well, but it is finicki in downdraft mode,  ...and a little glimpse of the other side of the firewall. We will try to post a few more inputs as we get them over the next little while testing this set up here. If you have questions of a similar installation with the TBI, but gear driven than Willis (Marshawk) can probably give you more feedback than "moi", I am only getting started flying it and testing it.