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  1. i know, off topic..but almost lost everything.
    hello, new member here, was reading through the posts here and thought I would share an experience and lesson I learned a couple months ago.
      It was October 1st. I remember because it's our Anniversary. So I planned on grilling some jalapeño poppers and Ribeyes for dinner. Go to get the charcoal out and notice it's a little damp...Damn, can't use that. So, I put the bag under the eave of the house to keep it out of anymore snow or rain. GO to the store and get a new bag of charcoal. Had a great meal, it was good.
      The Dog is going Crazy and when I open my eyes all I see is smoke and haze in the upstairs room, the wife is is saying something's on fire, What?, Something's on fire ! now I'm awake. Running downstairs , my neighbor comes in the house and starts yelling to get out. sorry, I'm naked I say, but let's put it out!
      Thankfully we had a couple full fire extenguishers and were able to put the main fire out in the rafters before loosing the house.
    apparently the bag of damp charcoal can and Will self ignite. Who Knew?  The fire chief and the insurance man both confirmed that it happens a lot more often than you might think. So, if a bag of charcoal does get left out and rain or snowed on, Do Not Store it anywhere near your home or garage!