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  1. Post on Simonini Victor 2 in Two Strokes

    By FredStork, posted
    Is anyone else using a Simonini Victor 2 on an Avid Flyer or Kit Fox?
    I changed from an old Rotax 532 a few years ago. At that time I found very little information and almost no first hand experience on this engine and, once I have decided  to buy it, I created a blog to to share my experience and eventually get in contact with other Simonini Victor 2 users.
    2 years ago I made a hard landing and took the opportunity of the repair to completely rebuild my plane. My blog changed direction during this work and became the "Oratex adventure". However, I have now (finally) completed the restoration and my blog is now again the Avid Flyer Simonini Victor 2 adventure. I'll pick up where I left. i.e. at 63 hours of pure joy on the engine. At my last flights (2 years ago) I was consuming 30% less than with my old 532 and have had no issues (but 63 hours is nothing...). However, going from 60 HP to 92 I had to increase the pitch on my 3 blade warp drive so much that I think I lost efficiency. I now have a new 2 blade fixed pitch prop made specially for the engine and plane. We will see what difference it makes. 
    I will continue posting my experience on my blog and happy to answer any questions.