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  1. I moved last year and decided to take off one wing to fit inside of a large truck.  Unbeknownst to me, during the drive the position of the wing shifted and rubbed for several hours against a sharp steel bolt.  It gouge the leading edge between .06-.07" deep, the longest of which is about 5" long.  The damage doesn't go through the spar, and there was no bending force as far as I can tell (Basically the metal was just ground away).  The scratch extends back about 29" from the root and is in front of the fuel tank.  This wing was built as a Speedwing with the HH rib spacing and .085 thick spar.
    I have a few A&Ps, mechanical engineers, and the folks at mulling over whether a repair is possible, or if a complete rebuild is in order.  We're considering internal/external bracing with rivets and/or adhesive.  An internal tubular brace, say 24" long with v-cuts on both ends (similar to the strengthening kits, but a complete tube) seems like it would distribute the load away from the area, but I'd like to know what you guys think.  
    Thank you,

  2. This is my first post. I am at the beginning of a build and just mounted the wings on the fuse. I've got kitfox wings with the old spar where you don't have to insert the I-Beam. I understand that scuffing the spar with 220 grit is acceptable according to the manual. However, underneath the strut brace, the spar was prepped with something closer to 80 grit. Since the strut brace is riveted and hysoled to the spar, this is like a "doubler" or reinforcement. Of course, I am not sure.
    I believe I have to start over which sucks greatly, but was wanting some concurrence.
    Pictures show the scratches-(no other parts of the spar are scratched as such).
    Thanks and look forward to your responses and expertise-

  3. I thought I'd save this here for future reference. I just measured it off of my Avid speedwing project. I saved it as JPG and PDF just incase the PDF has any problems.

    Avid spar insert.PDF