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  1. I moved last year and decided to take off one wing to fit inside of a large truck.  Unbeknownst to me, during the drive the position of the wing shifted and rubbed for several hours against a sharp steel bolt.  It gouge the leading edge between .06-.07" deep, the longest of which is about 5" long.  The damage doesn't go through the spar, and there was no bending force as far as I can tell (Basically the metal was just ground away).  The scratch extends back about 29" from the root and is in front of the fuel tank.  This wing was built as a Speedwing with the HH rib spacing and .085 thick spar.
    I have a few A&Ps, mechanical engineers, and the folks at mulling over whether a repair is possible, or if a complete rebuild is in order.  We're considering internal/external bracing with rivets and/or adhesive.  An internal tubular brace, say 24" long with v-cuts on both ends (similar to the strengthening kits, but a complete tube) seems like it would distribute the load away from the area, but I'd like to know what you guys think.  
    Thank you,

  2. Hi.
    I might be able to get hold of a set of damaged speedwings. They did a forced landing and wrecked one flapperon and its hanger rib ends. The other wing seems to be ok. The struts are broken. I have a Mod C 582 STOL with underchampher wing. What do I need to do for adapting the speedwing on my fuselage? Are the struts similar? Is it possible to buy new "rib hangers" and flaperons? Is it worth it? I might get the wing for free. It would be nice to be able to mount the speedwings for traveling and use the STOL for bush flying.Two airplanes in one. 
  3. Folks, an acquaintance has a MkIV Speed Wing kit he bought new in 92.  The only thing that he did on it was paint the fuselage.  No engine but has the 3 blade wooden prop of the time..  Hit me up w/serious inquiry and I'll refer you.  He's not put it on the market yet but definitely wants to sell it.  Asking $6500  Located in Harrisonburg VA.
  4. I am looking building a set of speed wings for my Avid Mk IV s/n 1492.  In 94 I built my heavy hauler wings with the fiberglass tanks that came apart and contaminated my fuel, then I went to the poly tanks but there is a lot of unuseable fuel etc. etc.
    Does anybody have a speedwing rib I can trace or can somebody do a full wing trace?  My plan was to draw the airfoil on CAD and waterjet cut the rib centers, make a wing jig and glue up the cap strips.
    Anybody help?
    Tim Morris