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  1. Gents,

    Recently having purchased several Avid components to complete my project, I am posting items for sale that I don’t need at this time prior to posting to Barnstormers.

    Hoping these parts can help one of you get a jump on the upcoming flying season!

    Located in San Diego, CA - shipping / transport options can be discussed. I prefer to sell everything bundled at $2400.

    Thanks for your interest and feel free to reply to this thread or PM directly.  

    Happy New Year!

    - Philip

    STOL Wing Set $1750

    Age and tank construction unknown, they will require ribtail repairs, thorough inspection and new covering at minimum. Flaperons will not be included.

    Fiberglass Cowling Set $350

    Excellent condition, ready for trim, finish and paint.  Appears to be the same fit as my Model C.


    Wing Struts $225

    Will need some reconditioning.


    Tow-Bar $75

    Alternative to a trailer.


    Turtle Deck $125

    Typical used condition, some fastener hardware will be required.  Appears to match the size for Model C. 

  2. I need some struts for the wing when it's folded.  Does anyone have a drawing for these that they could email me?