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  1. I have recently purchased a 2008 Kitfox SS kit that was originally purchased with the nose gear option.  Unfortunately, they didn't select the option to also keep the tailwheel, which is my preferred configuration.  What tailwheel is suggested?  I am leaning toward the more economical Matco 8" pneumatic tailwheel kit that Kitfox sells?  Ideas?  Thoughts?
  2. I am looking for a replacement tailwheel for the one in the picture and potentially a new tailwheel assembly.  I just got this plane and when I got it home I noticed that the tailwheel assembly was not sitting straight, but leaning to one side.  I am guess that someone previously strapped this to the trailer pulled to one side.  Additionally there are some chunks of rubber missing from the wheel itself.  I have read that the Maule tailwheel is either 6 or 6.5 inches, but this one is 5 inches.  I have read about others replacing their tailwheel with a Matco 8" with positive results, but going from 5" to 8" seems like would be asking to land tail first.
    I welcome everyone's ideas and suggestions.

  3. Greetings to the Collective.
    I've been away from flying for a good many years but recently decided to jump back in. I'd always liked the Avids 'n Foxes. I have 250 hrs PA28 time and 250 BC12D Tcraft time. I'm hoping this bird will be like the Tcraft.
    Thanks to Joey and Rich M. for their invaluable feedback via email and texts as i looked towards this purchase.
    I was actually considering getting into UL flying but after my g/f said "why don't you get a real airplane", I jumped on this C Mdl that many of you have seen or inquired into on Barnstormers. I was immediately attracted to the straightened fuselage and the HH wings w/fiberglass tanks. N951ST grosses at 1150. With it's IVO IFA prop, the seller/builder claims he'd cruise at 95mph (that's up there w/the Tcraft).
    I have all the original receipts and build log.

    It was a long haul from N. IN to NC - 620 mi and this bird accumalated thousands more cycles from bouncing down the highway on a modified snowsled trailer which resulted in wearing out and eventually bending the cheap old Maule single spring tailwheel.

    I'm not too dismayed about that however -- the way I see it is it was the sacrificial anode of sorts - mounting the airframe rigidly to the trailer would have likely resulted in frame damage. Though the 4130 structure is very robust.

    I considering different mods from simply retaining the Maule wheel but adding a dual leaf spring to a complete retrofit.
    You could call this an this is an undamaged project. Actually FWF and an annual.  My rusty old A&P background will certainly be handly - but I do have my work cut out for me. "Radiators and 2 strokes OH MY". This is totally new territory for me! My only 2cycle experience was my Yamaha RD350 years ago. I've ridden 'em but never flown em.
    The 582 was overhauled back in 2000, sealed in foam and boxed and only saw the light of day when the seller put it up on Barnstormers recently. So, I've got a motor to go through and update w/seals or whatever is called for.  But what's really got me perplexed. is the radiator set-up. What a mess. Interestingly (and fortunately) the airframe doesn't reflect this convultedness. One of the brackets is broken in half. I need to redo all the plumbing to aircraft quality spec and to include rods and staunchions for the radiators. But gezzzzzzzz that's a lot of footage of lines. I'm wondering if there is an alternative setup? ??


    I welcome your feedback and suggestions on my project.