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  1. There appears to be no provision for pitch trim on the model C.  Using the flaperons for trim might work in cruise, where the q is high, as they can be used to effectively set the wing's moment contribution, but using them in the pattern at low speeds would have you trying to increase nose-up moment by further upwards flaperon deflection, which may not be possible.  You'd likely run out of trim capability.  At low speeds you would ostensibly want them deflected downward anyway to augment lift.  You can always slip if you want drag for a steeper descent.  At low speed, with them down you'd be way out of trim!  I figure I'll put a tab (bellcrank) on top of the elevator tube between the seats then connect it to a bungee or spring somewhere aft, the aft end of which connects to a large RC electric actuator.  This way, I'd be able to trim out the stick force for low - speed operations, yet still be able to command pitch changes with the stick.  The remaining question is what spring rate would be appropriate.  Guess I'll have to measure stick moment and play with it.  Any thoughts on alternative approaches?  I'm not too keen on tabbing the elevator, although the electric actuator could be placed out there ahead of the tab, I suppose.  Too ugly!  Then there's the perturbation to mass balance...
  2. Hi Y'all,  Decided to use moniker "Turbo"; sort of a corruption of Arturo, but I go by Art.  I live in the Columbia Gorge and love to windsurf here.  Many years ago I had a Tri-Pacer, and discovered that going fast wasn't where it's at for me; I just love being up there, so found myself, even on longer trips putting along at 2200 rpm and 85 mph, 1000 AGL.  This realization ruled out rocket-ships like Sonex and Quasar in favor of the low & slow type.  I have not flown for a long time, and likely have rust about 3" thick.  I suppose, however, that one never forgets how to ride a bike.  I am working on regaining my currency and getting that TD endorsement, if the weather would just cooperate!  I am in the process of buying an Avid model C from a chap way down in southern Oregon.  I have been reading many of the blogs on this forum, and it has been very instructive for me.  Thanks Guys! As an Aerodynamics engineer (retired from Boeing) I hope I too can contribute here and there.  The bird I'm buying has no cabin heat and no trim.  I've got some ideas I'd like to bounce off y'all at some point.  In the meantime, keep them props turning!