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  1. I wasn't sure which forum thread to put this in but since it all seems engine related here it is.
    So, what IS and what ISN'T normal vibration for a 582?
    I'm getting vibs between 3200  -- 5200 rpm. 
    At t/o power all is well and smooth -- engine runs right up to 6400 -- throttle her back to 5800 or 6 and climb out.  Rolling downwind pull her back to 5200 a disconcerting feel in my seat and sound "bump", nother second or 2 *bump*;  that I can feel and hear how I best can describe it.   Mixture? --  Lean or rich (because of improper fuel/oil ratio)?  I'm running the injector and Rotax Rick wants me to add an extra 3.2 ounces per 5 gals to ensure adequate main bearing lube as he puts it.
    Pull back to around 4k and let the nose down to base leg; now I'm getting a tingling in the foot pedals.   Rolling on to base, 3500 rpm and my feet are tingling and the plane is vibrating.
    Is this normal?
    The other factor is the IVO prop.  I hear they can be rough.  I'm thinking I've got 2 distinct problems going on. One ea with the prop and the engine.
    Today at warmup. I did take notice on the ground the vibration is definitely beginning at 3500.
    All you folks running IVO IFA please chime in.