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  1. Post on Howdy Boys! in Introduce yourself

    By 3CW, posted
    Howdy boys!
    Wyatt here and I'd thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a divorced father of 3 grown boys, 60yr old retired plumber/pipefitter from Shelbyville, IL. Aviation was always a passion. Got my private ticket in '85, but quit flying in '98, accumulating 300hrs. Life can kinda get in the way. Last winter I picked up a basket case Challenger II that a couple of 'ol boys had bent, put 'er back to rights, and have been flying it since June. Love it, a good little airplane! I now have another project, an  '89 Avid Flyer kit. The deal was done Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to me! I just purchased the airframe, as I would rather have a 582 than the included 532 on the nose. I hope to tap on the wealth of knowledge here to aid me in the build! I'll try not to be a pain, but I know there's gonna be questions. With a whole bunch of pieces and parts, and you guys, I'm gonna build an airplane! If anyone out there is close to Shelbyville , please let me know. Hell, I've never even seen an Avid up close! 
    Thanks a lot guys and look forward to it!