1. Brodstol

    Getting ready for the first flight!

  2. Wile E

    Currently Fab'ng a motor mount for my subie ea81... advice welcome :BC:

  3. sioux201 » jacksonbrowne

    I've got one, needs covering, were you located?

    send me E mail add ,will forward pic

    1. jacksonbrowne

      Hey, I'm in Gypsum, Colorado.  My email is phas2@msn.com



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  4. smartguy

    Life is good!!!

  5. Brodstol

    Rebuilding a Kitfox 1 S/N 141

  6. sioux201 » EDMO

    Will get back to you next week re wheels ect,

    yes photo of the dent would be good, thanks

    1. EDMO

       Snaps,  I will get some photos and send them to you on the PM messages.  I have never heard of posting on a profile!  Ha!  Ed

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  7. nukapoint

    Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end the faster it goes!
  8. EDMO

    change password

  9. rogeriosantanna

    rotax seervice manual

  10. C5Engineer


  11. Wayne


  12. Flugtaxi

    traildagger training

  13. Flugtaxi

    training landing with tailwheel

  14. Logtrucker

    Clarkston Wa.has not set their status

  15. rlmankins » EDMO

    Ed, will your gear adapt to my mk4. Gross of 1200#. Is it wider and taller. I am trying to address handeling also, having said thatbI was talking to a friend at the air port today and he said it was not bad, just had to be somewhat aware of what was going on.

  16. Logtrucker

    Thanks - Akflyerbob for showing friendship ! Logtrucker.

  17. Logtrucker

    Jack Larrabee Clarkston, Wa. DOB 4/12/33 , 509 254 3068,building Avid 4, / Revmaster engine. (Dean Wilson's shop) . Also purchased a Kitfox / 582 , needs a little policing up before flying. (Logtruckclarkston10@gmail.com).

  18. C5Engineer » Twister

    It went to you own special page you get for being a member here!

  19. Jpratt15

    has not set their status

  20. Jxc

    Having a large Bombay & Tonic :)

  21. Flugtaxi

    keep on flying

  22. Mittens11

    has not set their status

  23. Tim Tophoven

    A bumpy day of flying is better than a good day at work

  24. TheDeltaFox

    is heading to the father's day fly in at CYLL this weekend

  25. Returntoservice

    has not set their status