1. Av8r3400 » DBVZ

    God's speed, Dwight.

  2. C5Engineer » Traveler

    Welcome to the Forum!!

  3. flyn4100

    Living the dream!

  4. High Country

    Sky Raider I bought-flown-sold Avid B building

  5. sioux

    has not set their status

  6. 6320012s

    Anchorage, AK

  7. Av8r3400 » C150L

    Check you messages, I have some information for you.

  8. C150L » danharris

    Hello. I posted something about 442CK. Dale

  9. FoxDB


  10. skysailor

    Recovered my Avid HH

  11. dragen

    Hi all,can somebody help ?

    have a old model c avid with a broken wing rib or 2.

    does any body have a templete to cut a couple of new ribs ?.

    plane in Zambia africa and im in johhanesburg south africa .

    need to repair wing in Zambia to fly it back to south africa

  12. Av8r3400 » marshawk

    Glad to see you here. Fill out your profile so we can get to know you.

  13. 4aplat

    AVID MK IV / Jab 2200

  14. arthurmcpherson

    is trying to figure out how to correctly spell my own name!

  15. ybfcsqs

    Drop me a line

  16. OKAvidFlyer

    Avid Mk IV N85AY

    Tulsa, OK

    582 Rotax

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  18. Russ.

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  21. flynhi2003

    Trying to get my KitFox back in the air. New baffeling and a conditional and it should be ready to go.

  22. Av8r3400 » akflyer

    Leni- I don't care what AkBob says, I still think you're pretty cool.