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Anybody have the part numbers to replace my clevis' and pins on my model 2 elevator push/pull tube.

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Almost certain that my model 2 had the same fittings as my model 1, and the model 3 used a rod end with a fork made on the elevator lever, which I think is better.

My Model 1 book only gives part # FRE-52 for the clevis, but the following might help you figure out which clevis to buy:

The threaded insert into the tube is AN490HT8P, and the pin is AN23-9.  I may have a new clevis if you cant buy one from Spruce, and I think it is 1/4" thread with 3/16 cross hole?  It may be AN320-3...

But a 1/4 cross hole, larger pin diameter, and redrill your elevator lever to match, would be better,  unless you want to change to a rod end.


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