670 Rotax Rick 92hp NEW Motor $8000 San Diego

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New 670, fresh from Rotax Ricks test bench.  

- Zero hours never mounted 

- log book included

- Pipe included dyno tuned

- 92 hp dyno tuned

- Bronz colored Bing 54 Carbs jetted and dyno'd properly 

- no need to turn over your existing 582 for the case, my 582 only had 21 hours on it when I shipped it over to Rotax Rick for the 670 1 piece crank, new ceramic pistons, new forged rods, and new 670 build. 

- C gear box is almost new with 21 hours on it and gone over with new motor build

- Ducati Dual ignition

- Rotax starter 

- 670 Rotax stator

Here's the prices if you bought from Rotax Rick and California Power Supply:  $9100 total [$4750 670 Rotax+$725pipe+$1500 Cbox + $575 starter + $350 stator + $350 Ducati ignition+ $850 Bing carbs]

Calling or texting is best, no PM's on the forum please, I won't check back enough to give you a timely reply. Use text or a call and I'll get back quickly 

(619) 300-3351

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