YAMAHA RX-1 (140 HP) install in Kitfox 5

By Yamma-Fox in 4-strokes,
Ok guys.  Looking for help and input here!   This will be a big project for me and I'd like to lay out my plan of attack for ya'll to review as I go.  It's a such great group here and I will be thankful and greatful for everyone's help.... please don't hold back if you have an idea or advice!! I also hope that this build thread will provide good info for anyone interested in the Yamaha power option.  Hopefully people can learn a little from both my successes and from my mistakes.  First a little about me so you know what you're up against! Not an EAB builder.  Reasonably decent mechanic, but not an experienced fabricator.  Aero Mfg. Engineering B.S. degree which helps a little, but mostly put emphasis on the "B.S." since I never actually worked as an engineer. Also keep in mind that I am interested in a functional and safely done repower and install here...   but this is NOT going to be a "show plane", so looks, beauty, and a perfectly "clean" install are low on the priority list. So I got my bird crammed into my garage yesterday, pulled the prop of the subaru and am getting ready to dig in.   Here's my initial game plan: 1. Take lots of pics of the sooby and measure up location of prop flange to hopefully eliminate too much cowl rework in the end. 2. Pull the motor and take a look at the soob motor mount.  I was considering building off it if possible to simplify the fabrication process.  Any concerns with that? 3. Get things lined up, plan for airbox and exhaust, then tack together the new mount.  I am a novice welder and own only a cheapo wire feed welder.  I'd plan to emulate what others have already done and fishmouth the thing together and just tack it, then send it off to a pro to TIG it up and powdercoat.  (I'd be glad to hire out the entire mount fabrication but so far I'm the first guy I know of to put a Yamaha in a Kitfox, so it would presumably be hard for someone else to build me a mount without a KF5 firewall jig and a RX-1 motor laying around)  Any ideas / thoughts? 
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