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Rotax 912 - Mandatory Fuel Line Return Safety Notice

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What is this Information Safety Notice about and how does it affect me?

Field reports have indicated a potential for fuel system vapor lock leading to loss of engine power or stoppage due to one or more of the following variables:

-Fuel system design
-Engine cowling design
-Fuel quality
-Seasonal adjustment on fuel
-High ambient temperatures

For more info please see the attached  912FuelReturnLineInformationSafetyNotice_FS001.pdf

and visit


INFORMATION SAFETY NOTICE: 912 Series Fuel Return Line

Ref: IM-73-00-00
Fuel System


Incorporation of the mandatory fuel return line of ROTAX Engine Type 912 (Series)



The purpose of this Information Safety Notice is to inform ROTAX operators and owners about the mandatory fuel return line that is required to be incorporated into the aircraft's fuel system design.

As per the ROTAX installation manual, a Mandatory “restricted” fuel return line is to be incorporated within the aircraft's fuel system. The purpose of the fuel return line is to bleed off any vapors that may form within the fuel system that could cause vapor lock, resulting in a possible loss of engine power.

Please reference the latest ROTAX installation manual and check with the manufacturer of the
aircraft to verify that a fuel return line has been incorporated within the design of the aircraft's fuel system.

The latest Rotax Installation Manual can be found at OR


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