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well last week I did a final test runup before I start my taildragger lessons this week. Made this runup a long one going full throttle at 4800rpm for 2 minutes then to cruise. My temps appeared to be an issue.

First was the oil temp gauge reading 275-300 when the actual oil temp itself didn't exceed 196. Figured out I had the wrong temp sender for the gauge and got that straightened out.

Next was cooling, I installed a cbr1000 rad at the bottom exit of the cowling hidden away. The temp climb slowly, but never stopped climbing. It reached 210 after 2 minutes of full throttle before I dropped to cruise and it continued to climb. It didn't start cooling off until I just dropped down to idle. 

So I decided to try and stop reinventing the wheel and install the VW Rabbit rad that many are using. Bent up some aluminum and mounted it up underneath and trimmed the cowling to create good flow of outside air down and through the rad. Going to give it a shot like this with a thermostat and go from there. Next may be louvers to further help direct airflow. 





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