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Posted my Avid Flyer A for sale

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AVID FLYER A • $11,500 • FLY RIGHT NOW • Avid Flyer A airplane N#990MP has recently had a "Conditional Inspection" completed. Currently flown 4 hours since 9/4/18 inspection. Has a current A/W Certificate, Current W&B, Current Registration and Phase 2 Operating Limitations. Airframe 975TT Engine 229SOH. Times will rise as it is being flown. Also includes up to date airframe and engine logs. Includes maintenance docs on airframe, engine and SB's AD's. Rotax L/C 582 grey head 65HP w/C box electric start. Warp Drive 3 blade Carbon fiber prop Std hub Hyd brk. 8x6 tires. Folding wings like a Kitfox! Flys and performs Great! $11,500  • Contact Brooks Letourneau, Owner - located Farmington, MN USA • Telephone: 612-460-8487 • Posted September 18, 2018 



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