Avid MK4 braking effect

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After rebuilding the right caliper that was leaking and rebuilding the right master cylinder I just could not get all the bubbles out of my left double puck system. 

I filling fron the lower nipple using and oil can with a feed trigger that would then fill the reservour. I tried bleeding it like we do autos by having someone presson the pedal while I open the bleed nipple.

Nothing would move the bubbles pout of the tube that connects the top caliper to the lower caliper.

Finally, my friend brought over the system he uses to bleed his brakes on his Kitfox and RV. It is a small garden sprayer. 

I set it up so any excess on the reservour would go into a recovery bottle. He opened the nipple and pushed the trigger on the sprayer and the fluid moved so fast that the bubbles were moved up and out of the system. This ended several hours of trying to get rid of the bubbles.

The brakes are now solid.

I HATE bleeding brakes. 

John M

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