Wing Strut Fairing

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I have flown the model B STOL and now the MK4 STOL and had noticed when flying that I could see a vibrating ripple in the fabric just behind the leading wing strut.

I placed yarn telltales in that area and was amazed and mystified at what was revealed.  

When climbing out the yarns were flowing back in a streamlined fashion as expected. However, when I leveled out the yarns actually turned 180 degrees and faced FORWARD!

Finding a wing cuff for an Avid is impossible so I went through many iterations until I hit on the right combination. 

Now the yarns stay streamlined al all AOA. Can't say how much drag was eliminated, but it should be substantial.

To see this change check out skypics234 on YouTube. 


John M

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For those wanting a link to this and other great videos John has provided try this:

You might have a market on this forum for those if you ever decide to start molding them out of fiberglass or carbon fiber.

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