Issues flying behind a 2-stroke

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JimChuk, your point is well taken.  My bird is light and apparently clean, as I can easily top 80 mph at 5000 rpm, at low altitudes.  And I'm not tightly constrained economically, so I can afford the petrol, as well as the other stuff.  I suppose my fixation with minimum power stems from a desire to understand my bird's aerodynamic properties.  Hey, I'm a retired airplane aerodynamicist, what can I say?  Even this simple little putt-putt airplane is an object both magical and fascinating to me.  I also see it as a vehicle for a new class of adventures that I can share with my wife, that are exciting, yet not too strenuous for our old bodies.  This is in addition to serving as a testbed for various minor experiments.  True, I can't turn it into a map-gobbling rocketship, but that's o.k..  Its ability to fly is all the magic it needs, as far as I'm concerned.  It's the magnificent journey, not the boring destination!  I already live in my flavor of paradise.  Your kind words are always appreciated.

You got the right attitude! Just have fun and fly safe!

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