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Better aileron response

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Have you ever had a larger person sitting in the passenger seat and during landing or takeoff found you needed to input rapid and large aileron displacement to compensate for wind gusts?

I have whe I flew a young lady with what we might call "thunder thighs."

The stick slapped against her and I barely had enough deflection to keep the wing tip from touching the ground.

This was on my model B. So I found that I could reverse the bell crank at the place where the aileron push rod connects to the mixer.

So I have finally made this same mod on my MK4. 

At cruise it takes a bit more force to move the ailerons, but you really don't have to deflect them much at cruise. It's diring low and slow that the augmented deflection came in handy.

During my testing today I also founf the if I deployed just a bit of flaps two things happened.

The aileron pressures were greatly reduced and the roll rate was awsome. Secondly the TAS increased about 3 MPH with that little bit of flap deployed. I found after landing that the previous owner had a bit of reflex in the flaps which while it can benefit with extra cruise on aircraft with normal flaps, it actually makes aileron movement harder.

After landing I adjusted the mixer to add 3 degees down in the clean position.


I took photos showing before and after. You will notice that one arm is longer thn the other so with the short one now connected to the aileron push rod a small movement makes a larger one at the mixer.

John M





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