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Brrr to cold to fly

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I think we may have left before you arrived.  There was a yellow zenith 601 (not the plane in the opening shot, it didn't have any trim colors) that caught a wing as he was taking off there from the plowed runway and ended up upsidedown in the snow off to the side of the runway.  I happened to look up and see the plane with the nose straight down as it was flipping over.  Fortunatly no injuries, although the plane had to be lifted up so they could get out.  Really was sad to see.  JImChuk

Just went back and watched that video all the way through, and I see you showed up with your trike at the 26 minute mark.  I found myself in a group picture at the 26:57 mark, (just to the right of center in a white T shirt) and the guy I'm partners in with the Chief shows up at 27:21.  He won a $50 drawing for something and he is all smiles.  I see the Chief about a half dozen times at least as well.  

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