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Leveling wings

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Not sure where to post this question. Did some searches but still didn’t quite see the answer I was looking for. Anyway, I picked up an Avid Champion. Not a whole lot of them made but from everything I’ve gathered and found out it is basically a single seat flyer mk.4. I’m about to mount the flaperons and in the manual it says to mount the wings on the plane and level them before setting the flaperon hinges at 50 degrees. The way it says to level the wings is to place a straightedge from leading edge to trailing edge on the rib just inboard of the lift strut points. I assumed when the wing was level the doorsill/ lower longeron would also be level in relation to the wing but if I level the wing the fuselage is in a very nosedown attitude. Does the mk4 have the same nose down attitude if leveled by the wings? Or should I just level at the doorsill? Does this make any sense? Thanks for input in advance.

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