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Before and after

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I've already posted the dumb stunt but for those who haven't read that post I left the wings folded while unloading my model 1 off the trailer and the tailwheel jumped the track and the rear fuselage smacked down hard on the trailer frame and bent the lower longeron and even got the top one a little. So here's the after the accident but before the fix: 20190515_185905.thumb.jpg.e1098972d81a98and here's the after:


And here's me and the magician that did it:20190515_171444.thumb.jpg.926699f45ce556he managed to straighten both bent tubes with a slide hammer. I meant to have him show me the tool and technique but we were busy with other stuff. The guy is 85 and a true artist with a welder and body work too apparently since that's where he got the slide hammer. The accident ripped the fabric at the lower longeron  and he cut the slit you see at the top longeron but otherwise didn't do any other damage to the fabric fixing it. Until recently he did most of the welding for matco. It's irritating him tremendously that age is finally catching up with him. But he can still get an incredible amount done in a short time. Without him my bird probably wouldn't fly for a couple more years. 

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