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Jabiru 2200 Gen 4 installation

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Am in the process of mounting my new Gen 4 2200.

I had to buy a new motor mount because they have raised the top two mount points 15 mm to clear the much larger fins.

I have had good experience with the early hyd lifter 2200 but always felt that while the lower parts are robust the top parts, i.e. rocker box parts were not nearly lubricated well enough.

I have looked over this new engine and I like what they have done.

The push rods now supply oil to the rocker box parts including the rocker bushings and valve stems. 

95% of the engine is now cast with the jug and the head as one part all aluminum with nicoseal. So tolerances can be much tighter.

I will have to modify the air dams to fit under my cowl since they are larger and cover all the way back on the jug to the 2nd fin out from the case.

This engine now has roller lifters so they increased the slope of the cam lobes and use double valve springs.

I let you know my progress.

Will fire it up next week.

John M


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