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3D Printed Flap Detent

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Here are the files required to print the flap detent:

Avid Flap Detent.stl          1 reqd.

Avid Flap Handle.stl         1 reqd.   

Avid Flap Cap Piece.stl   1 reqd.  

Printed with 20% Carbon Fibre filled PETG filament, 0.2mm layers, 5 perimeters, 5 top and bottom layers, 25% fill. Handle will probably require 5mm brim for printing.

A 3/8" diameter x 1"  spring is required, 8 x 3mm diameter x 30mm cap head screws and nylon nuts also required.

Flap system may require adjustment to give zero degrees on the fully forward detent, the fully aft detent should give 15 degrees.

Ken Kelso

Avid Flap Cap Piece.stl

Avid Flap Detent.stl

Avid Flap Handle.stl



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