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Changing or adding your avatar picture

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Click on your screen name in the upper right hand corner of the screen, you should see a drop down menu. Click on "my profile"

Once on your profile page, there should be a button on the right side of the srecc a couple inches below where you just selected your screen name at that says "edit profile" Click that big button.

On the left you should have a menu of things you can change. Click on "change avatar"

You can now upload the image from your computer. It will resize the picture automatically if you dont already have it sized down to 150 X 150.

A word of advice here. If it is a huge picture, you will want to crop it down to the area that you are really intersted in showing so when it resizes the pic, you can still see what you want shown... IE, if the picture happens to be you flying with a cool mountain back drop and the original size is some huge 2000+ X 2000+ when it resizes the picture to 150 X 150, you will need a magnifying glass to see your plane and it will look like a fly turd on a white back ground.

If these destructions leave you totaly in the dark, and nothing is really shown on the screen like I said it would be let me know. As admin, my screen looks a little different than your does and I will have to make another ID for meself so I see what you see :lol:

While you are in there adding your picture etc, you can also add in a signature line so it will show on every post and you dont have to keep typing in your name every time. If you have troubles with it and want me to do it for you that is not a problem, just shoot me a note or post up a pic and tell me to put it in as your avatar.


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