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Flaperon Mixer Control Assembly

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Flaperon Mixer Control Assembly

For sale is one complete Flaperon Mixer Control Assembly from a Kitfox Model III. This item is previously used, removed in working condition with only very minor damage to one threaded rod end (see Note below). All bolts, washers and checknuts left attached.


(1) Mixer Bellcrank Bearing - p/n FBR-53

(1) Aft Aileron Bellcrank - p/n FBK-5

(1) Front Aileron Bellcrank - p/n FBK-6*

(1) Mixer Bellcrank Housing - p/n FBK-7

(1) Flap Bellcrank - p/n FBK-8

(2) Individual Flaperon Bellcranks - p/n FBK-9

(1) Elevator Idler Bellcrank - p/n FBK-10

(1) Swivel Joint, Front Aileron Bellcrank - p/n FBK-56*

(1) Aileron Push/Pull Control Tube - p/n FCT-21

(1) Elevator Forward Push/Pull Control Tube - p/n FCT-23S

(1) Flap Push/Pull Control Tube - p/n FCT-24

(2) Vertical Aileron Push/Pull Control Tubes - p/n FCT-25

(2) Swivel End Push/Pull Control Tubes - p/n FCT-26

(2) Threaded Rods - p/n FRU-47

(4) Heim Rod End Bearings - p/n FRE-48

(4) Heim Rod End Bearing - p/n FRE-50

(4) U-Joints - p/n FU-58

* These parts are included in this listing, but not pictured below. They are attached to and can be seen in the separate "Dual Stick Control Assembly" listing.

Note: The FCT-21, FCT-23S and FCT-24 Push/Pull Control Tubes all have a slight bend in the middle to allow for clearance under the Kitfox fiberglass seat pan. This is normal. However, the FCT-21 Aileron Push/Pull Control Tube forward threaded rod end is bent slightly (should be straight). It would be real easy for someone to straighten out the part and hide this fact, but I have purposefully left it as is and flagged with red tape so all can see and Bad Karma won't visit me on a short final.

$350.00 + actual shipping.

Or, combine with my separate "Dual Stick Control Assembly" listing (priced at $200.00 + actual shipping) for discounted price of $500.00 + actual shipping. Save yourself considerable time and effort, and put a proven flight control system in your homebuilt project.

Interested? Send me a Private Message with your name and telephone number and best time to reach you. I'll call you to discuss and address any questions you may have. Please, no traders or tirekickers, serious buyers only.

Thanks for looking. All parts sold on an 'As-Is' basis with no guaranty or warranty expressed or implied by seller. All applicability, use or airworthiness of any parts for sale herein is buyer responsibility.






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did you put new control surfaces in your model 3?

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Nope, was parting the plane out.

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